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Sunset on the Back of the Ship

Untitled_Panorama1 I came up a set of stairs and saw the sun shining through the lamp and knew I had to get this shot.

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Prepare for Battle

  How I shot it Lens: Canon 50mm f1.4   Always keep your eyes open for good light and take advantage of it when possible.  This light came in through the dining room window [...]

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2013-08-05 08.09.19

Phonetography: Sunbeams

  Sometimes you aren't able to have a dslr or a point and shoot with you.  Sometimes you just forget them at home.  In times like these its always worth turning to your cell phone.  Tha [...]

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IMG_4439 final edit

Snow Day

  This photo was fun to take this morning.  I was approached by a security guard and told I could not be there.  But luckily they were nice and let me finish up.  Just goes to show if y [...]

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Sunrise on the concrete pile

Sunrise on the Concrete

Sunrise on the concrete pile

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2013-02-05 07

Good Sunrise

2013-02-05 07Took this photo of the sunrise this morning then started playing in photoshop.  Enjoy  

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New Years Eve Sunrise

Sunrise Pond

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