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Painting History

The other day I was flipping through some pictures on Facebook and on my Aunt's Facebook I stumbled across this old picture of my Grandmother. After looking at it for a few moments I decided [...]

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Downtown Mooresville, NC during the day.

Today I decided to go to Mooresville, NC during the day to take pictures.  I've been out there during the night a few times but not really during the day.  Today it was made up of motorcycles, side [...]

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The Best Photos

To me the some of the best photos are just moments caught in time.    What I mean by that is just a slice of life when no one is caring or paying attention to the man with the camera and going about [...]

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Elephant Flash

I just received a flash for my camera.  This is my first dive into flash photography.  Made this by bouncing the flash off of the wall next to me then blacked out background and converted to black [...]

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Happy New Years!

Here's some photos to a new year.  Hope your 2012 will be as good as I think mine will be. It was a fun night.  Be sure to check out the gallery. [gallery link="file" columns="2"]

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I call this one "2:07am" I was just laying in bed when i looked and saw my alarm clock and lights on my computer and tv. Whipped out the camera and did this all hand held with a 6 second exposu [...]

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