Moms Wedding Rings


Unfortunately my parents got divorced when i was very young.  So young I have no memory of them being together.  Little did i know that my mom had saved her wedding rings.  She recently decided to give them to me.  They are something I will keep forever.  Alot of sentimental value.  So i decided to photograph them and share it with the world because it was so special to me.

How i shot it

This was a very simple shoot.  All it took was a camera, my desk, and a desk lamp.  I had to play with the positioning of the rings and light to get the mood I was going for.  And i settled on this.  I used a Canon 50mm f1.4 lens set at f2.5 with the camera at 1/500 second shutter speed.  The light was placed in front relatively close and i shot from along the side of the light.  Below is a picture of the set up.


 Gear Used

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