Old Tree


I recently purchased a new home.  This is an old tree growing in the back yard.  It is giant.

How I shot it!

Lens: Rokinon 14mm f2.8 set at f8

I like to keep my eyes open for when there is good light.  At around 7:30pm or so the sun was low in the sky sending beautiful light onto this.  I set my camera right up against the trunk of the tree and pointed up.  I had to use live view here to get everything lined up. I shot this in shutter priority due to the particular lens i was using is only manual aperture.  I also left iso on auto.  I then shot this at 1/25th of a second while holding steady against the tree trunk.  The good thing about wider lenses is the ability to shoot at slower speeds and still remain sharp.  Then I processed in light room and did some selective exposure increasing in certain areas.

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