Painting History

The other day I was flipping through some pictures on Facebook and on my Aunt’s Facebook I stumbled across this old picture of my Grandmother.

After looking at it for a few moments I decided I would try some image restoration and colorization techniques i’ve been reading on.  Now its not perfect but this is one of my first times trying it out.  I really enjoyed this kind of work and hope to do and learn more about it in the future.

After I got done I decided to email it to my Grandmother to see how she would like it and as a result I learned something that I did not know that I found fascinating and shows a change of social norms in this country that is interesting.  Basically back in the late 40’s early 50’s when this was taken photographers would walk the street and offer to take people’s picture for a dollar and then they would get your address and send you the photo.  If someone were to do that now a days they would probably get the police called on them.   Below I will include our emailing if you wish to learn about this too.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

My email:

“So i was on facebook and found an old photo that Aunt Kay had posted of you and decided to try out some image restoration and colorization techniques i’ve been studying.  Let me know what you think.  I wasn’t quite sure the colors of everything but tried to make it look like what i know of the time in my head. “

My Grandmothers email back:

“Wow!  That is so cool.  I can’t believe she even had that picture.  I expect she stole it.  LOL.

The restoration is great, but the coat was a light camel color, not pink.  This picture was taken on Harper Avenue in Detroit when I was a teenager, during the late 1940’s or early 50’s.  Photographers would roam the streets, taking pictures and selling them for a $1.  You pay the dollar right then and give them your address to mail the picture.  (I would never do anything like that now, be too afraid the guy would come to my house to do do who knows what).  Times and jobs were tough back then and this was one of many ways men came up with to make money to put food on the table for their families.  We were still fighting to come out of the Great Depression, so money was tight.  But with no Welfare checks back then, people had to work for every dollar they got.  Imagine that!
Today you probably would never hear from them once they had your dollar, but I never heard of anyone getting scammed.  It was just another way for men to make money.  Your pictures just keep getting better and better.  I’m lovin’ them!”

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