The Best Photos

To me the some of the best photos are just moments caught in time.    What I mean by that is just a slice of life when no one is caring or paying attention to the man with the camera and going about their business.  There is something truly magical when you see a person in perfect natural light.  Here is everyone’s assignment from here on:  When you see a man with a camera just go about your business and if he takes your picture don’t worry about it.  That’s one thing I like when I’m around my friend Adam is he just lets life happen and if that means he is in a picture he seems to not care.   We were hanging out on his porch when I took this picture.  He was just playing a cell phone game and paid no mind of me and my camera.  I knew when I saw the light I had to take it.  Only work in Photoshop was adding slightly more blur to the background and sharpening a bit. 

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